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Bridal Packages

You deserve to be treated like to queen on the most special day of your life. All you need to do is relax and let us bring out your best. We offer the complete bridal services packages from grooming to bridal make-up, hair do, saree drape, lehenga setting. Our undivided attention will make sure the day remains extra special down your memory lane.
What’s more? Most bridal packages ignore the groom. Our experience as a Couples spa come very handy and we have tailor made bridal packages for the Groom to look his best for the special day.

Bride & Groom Xpress

Ideal for Brides and Grooms who hurry with their last minute preparation, this package is sure to make you look stunning on the most important day when LOOKS MATTER!

1 day sitting two days before the Wedding Day:

Bridal Packages For the Bride………… Rs. 11,000/-
Gold Facial
Deep conditioning Hair Spa
Paraffin Sense Manicure & Pedicure
Waxing / Threading & Tan Removal
Steam bath & Body Polish
Aromatic Bubble Bath / Hydrotherapy Spa

Packages For the Groom…………………. Rs.9,000/-
Men’s Revitalising Facial
Deep conditioning Hair Spa
Signature Manicure & Pedicure
Steam bath & Body Polish
Aromatic Bubble Bath / Hydrotherapy Spa

Bridal Make-Over Package for Engagement/Reception:
Rs. 8,000/-

You can get the services of our make-up artists for special bridal make-up services.
Come for a Free Trial Session before your make up your mind.
This bridal package includes Natural looking high definition make up which looks great for photo shoots as well without appearing heavy, special hair do, Saree drape and change of nail colours to make you look stunning on your D Day.
Friends of the Bride Package: Rs.3000/-
The Best friend of the bride needs to match the bride’s glory. This includes casual party make up, saree drape, hairdo and change of nail colour.

Bridal Packages Specials
Bridal Radiance – 4 sittings during 2 weeks

Specially designed for brides who have at least 2 week’s time, this package is cleansing and de-stressing both for the mind and body.
1st Sitting: Full waxing and Tan removal with Gold Bleach, Threading, Spa Facial [based on skin type]
2nd Sitting: Hair cut, Deep Conditioning Hair Spa, Signature Manicure & Pedicure
3rd Sitting: Gold Spa Facial, De-stress Back Therapy, Body Polishing, Paraffin Sense Manicure & Pedicure
4th Sitting: Bridal Make-up, Bridal Hairdo, Change of nail colour, Saree drape

Bridal Supreme – 6 sitting over a period of
3 weeks

Complete grooming and cleansing routine that is guaranteed to make you glow inside out.
1st Sitting: Full body waxing and tan removal with Gold Bleach, Threading, Spa facial [based on your skin type]
2nd Sitting: Hair cut and shampoo blow dry, Signature Manicure & Pedicure
3rd sitting: De-stress Back Therapy, Hydrotherapy Spa treatment, Hair spa treatment
4th Sitting: AromaFusion Body Massage, Steam Bath, Body polishing
5th Sitting: Gold Spa Facial, Paraffin Manicure & Pedicure, Deep conditioning hair spa
6th Sitting: Bridal Make-up, Bridal Hairdo, Change of nail colour, Saree drape

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