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Body Polish

60 min: Rs.2,000

Body scrubs are excellent way to exfoliate dead skin and keep skin looking young. The conditioning and hydrating benefits will leave your skin feeling so silky and smooth.

Creamy Chocolate Scrub

The creamy scrub gently exfoliates your skin leaving it clean and refreshed. And the rich chocolate refreshes and nourishes the tired mind and body, bringing a smile to the face.

Nourishing & Revitalising Almond-Geranium Scrub

Almonds are rich source of Vitamin E which is excellent for improving skin texture and tone. Combined with Geranium oil, this scrub is a wonderful treatment for healing blemishes. Provides natural glow by promoting blood circulation and removing toxins.

Refreshing Citrus Scrub

Refreshing citrus scrub is full of vitamin C, which has excellent cleansing & anti-ageing properties. Great for all skin types and makes skin extra soft and silky.

Luxurious Kamayini Aromatic Scrub

This exotic body scrub made up of Apricot kernel, Aloe vera, wheat germ oil with extracts of Sandal and Turmeric is a great skin food. It is also has excellent rejuvenation and anti-aging properties. Great way to keep yourself rejuvenated and young.

Body Wraps 45 min: Rs.1,500
(Available only as part of package)

Ideally follows a body scrub; Body wraps are rich in minerals. Regular use allows the skin to absorb these minerals leaving the skin feeling healthy and supple.

Delicious Chocolate Wrap

Chocolate beside the great taste is known as a great skin food. It’s hydrating and moisturising properties tones and nourishes the skin.

De-Tanning Papaya & Lime Mud Wrap

Papaya & Lime benefits all skin types especially tanned and problematic skin. Helps removing blemishes, dark spots, evens out skin tone brings out the glow in your skin.

Anti-Aging Sandal & Geranium Mud Wrap

Sandal & Geranium are excellent in warding off wrinkles and sagging skin. Useful for treating all skin conditions, they are especially useful in restoring softness to dry skin.

Refreshing Cucumber & Mint Wrap

A wonderful treatment for sunburns, de-tanning and general skin toning. The treatment tightens the pores and nourishes the skin besides having cooling effect.

De-toxifying & Slimming Grapefruit Mud Wrap

An excellent wrap for improving blood circulation, detoxification and reducing appearance of cellulite. It clears the build up of toxins and excess fluids from the body.
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