Wellness Day Spa and Beauty Salon
Relax, Rejuvenate,Remember

Bath Enhancements

Hydrotherapy Spa
30 min: Rs.1,000

You are guaranteed to enjoy one of the best spa experiences. Highly effective for slimming, aches and pains. Hydro spa is a combination of 3 sciences (Ultrasonic bubbles, Far Infrared rays and Ozone) to bring you best spa experience post any massage. As a bonus, you also get exercise effect by burning up to 300 calories in 15 minutes session.

Steam bath & Shower
30 min: Rs.400

Sweat away in our steam room or chamber and get an energetic & refreshing shower with our unique shower gels.

Aromatic Bubble Bath
30 min: Rs.500

Smooth away your tension with warm aromatic bubble bath infused with Jasmine, lavender and basil.
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