Wellness Day Spa and Beauty Salon
Relax, Rejuvenate,Remember


Salon Services

Hair Cut

- Basic Hair Cut with wash - Rs.500
(Straight/ “U”/Trim cut)

- Hair cut with Wash & Blow Dry - Rs.800

- Advanced hair cut - Rs.1000
(Layered cut/Change of hairstyle - with hair wash and blow dry)

Hair Styling

- Hair Wash & Blow Dry - Rs.600
- Blow Dry - Rs.500
- Ironing - Rs.700
- Hot Rollers / Curling - Rs.700

Hair Color (Schwarzkopf)

Gents Root Touch-up Rs. 1000

Ladies Root Touch-up
Rs. 1,500

Global Grey Coverage - Rs. 4,000
(Short - Medium)

Global Grey Coverage -
Rs. 5,000
(Medium - Long)

Henna Application & wash- Rs.1,000
Streaks (per streak)- Rs.500

Hair Straightening - Rs.10,000
(Glatt - Schwarzkopf)

Hair Spa Therapies

60 min:

Men :Rs.1,200


Root Strengthening Hair Treatment
Ideal treatment for matured, thin, flat and limpy hair. Key ingredients are Brahmi and bhringraj extracts that specially formulated to provide strength to the roots, thickness and volume.
Color Pro Treatment
Special treatment mask with unique herbal extracts containing methi and bhringraj that takes care of colored hair and provides the much need moisture to hair follicles. Makes hair soft and shiny yet again.
Deep Conditioning Treatment
We use specially formulated highly nutritive hair mask with 2 special combinations of “Coconut", "Aloevera", "Olive oil” OR “Almond” that provides intense conditioning for hair and scalp and helps to prevent dryness and formation of split ends.
Hair Fall Control Treatment
Specialized treatment to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Key ingredients are Arabica seed oil, jataamansi extract blended in coconut oil that strengthens and nourishes hair.
Anti-Dandruff Treatment
Specialized treatment to remove dandruff and promote healthy and shiny hair. Key ingredients are Neem oil, Tea tree oil and Lemon oil blended in sesame oil that will loosen and prevent dandruff.
Indian Head Massage
Head Massage with Oil. Includes hair wash and conditioning.
(Virgin Olive oil/ 18 herbs oil / Prevent Hair loss oil)


Waxing De-tan Choc/
Full arm Rs.300 Rs.500
3/4th arms Rs.200 Rs.400
1/2 arm Rs.150 Rs.200
Underarms Rs.50 Rs.100
Upper lip and chin Rs.50 Rs.100
Half leg Rs.300 Rs.500
Full leg Rs.400 Rs.800
Full body (Exld. BBW) Rs.1,500 Rs.2,500
Brazilian Bikini Rs 2,000 Rs.2,500


Eyebrows - Rs.50
Upper Lip - Rs.30
Chin - Rs.30
Full Face - Rs.200

Tan Removal

Full Arms - Rs.700
Face - Rs.500
Full Body - Rs.2,000

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